Training : Advanced Diver

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This course builds on the solid foundations of the preceding courses by extending, broadening and consolidating experience. The qualifying dives require a range of conditions, each of the conditions experienced on at least three dives. These include;

  • A planned decompression dive involving at least two decompression stops using appropriate equipment and employing approved decompression techniques
  • A dive in tidal waters down a shot line during slack water with ascent up a shot line or a DSMB as dictated by tidal conditions at the end of the dive
  • A drift dive which precludes a return to the point of entry

In addition a further six dives which should include at least three of the following conditions;

  • A complex navigational dive involving multiple changes of directions throughout the dive with a return to the point of entry. Employment of pilotage, compass and/or distance techniques as appropriate
  • A dive involving the utilisation of underwater search techniques
  • A no clear surface dive (cavern, wreck penetration or ice diving)
  • A mixed gas dive using either closed circuit rebreather or open circuit
  • A dive using advanced decompression techniques and emergency gas deployment using decompression trapeze or lazy shot
  • The surface location of an unknown site using surface search techniques, followed by a dive deploying the necessary precautions required for diving an unknown site

Of the twenty dives;

  • At least ten should be from boats
  • On at least ten the student should act as Dive Leader
  • At least should be 30m +
  • On at least five occasions the student should act as Dive Manager
  • Two should be full day activities to sites unknown to the student Dive Manager
  • One should be for a duration of two days with all the logistics that entails

The cost of the course includes

  • The classroom lessons and theory assessment
  • Two dry practical lessons and two open water lessons
  • Twenty dives
  • The workbook