Services : Cylinder Testing

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Cylinders are tested inhouse where they undergo visual or periodic inspection and test depending on age. External painting and shot blasting are also available if required.

In the UK visual inspection is required every 2.5 years and a hydraulic test (PIAT) every 5 years.

Visual Test including Valve Service £25 + Parts
Hydraulic Test including Valve Service £30 + Parts
02 Clean (every 15 months) £24
O2 Clean as part of Cylinder Test £5
Cylinder Valve Service £9 + Parts
Manifold Service £10 + Parts
Contaminated Cylinder & Valve Clean £39
Strip & Rebuild Twin Set for Test £5
Internal Shot Blast £12
Cylinder Test Failure £15
External Paint including Zinc Undercoat TBC


Replacement Parts Cost
Beaver £15.00
Dive Rite £6.50
MDE £7.50
San-O-Sub £7.50
Apeks £8.00
Apeks (old type) £8.50
AP Valves £8.50

A deposit of £15 is required for each individual cylinder booked in for Test .

Current test legislation requires that valves are serviced when cylinders are tested. Any parts replaced during valve servicing are not included in the cost of the service.
Service kits are not available for very old valves and are therefore not serviceable and will need replacing
We reserve the right to render unusable any cylinders or valves that fail tests or servicing