Training : Dive Leader

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On this course experience becomes an increasingly important element and this is borne out in the wide range of conditions required for the qualifying dives. These include:

  • A planned decompression dive with at least 5 minutes deco
  • A navigation dive using compass and / or pilotage
  • A low visibility dive (between 1.5m and 3m visibility)
  • A night dive
  • A wreck dive in tidal waters, diving on slack water using a shot to descend and shot or DSMB to ascend
  • A drift dive
  • A vertical wall dive with deep water below

You will be expected to dive in a range of varying marine and freshwater environments, these sites should vary in there topography and prevailing conditions.

Of the 20 qualifying dives

  • At least 6 should be carried out from boats
  • On at least 8 you will act as dive leader
  • At least 10 should be deeper than 25m

During Theory sessions you will explore

  • The role of the Dive Leader and dive planning
  • Basic life support and oxygen administration
  • Rescue management
  • Dive management

Dry Practical sessions will include

  • DSMB use
  • Dive leading and demonstration
  • Shot recovery
  • Rescue management scenarios
  • Review of diving and rescue skills

The cost of the course includes

  • The dry practical lessons and theory lessons
  • The open water lessons
  • The Student Workbook and Dive Leader Manual

Cost £POA

Training Training

NB the cost of the course will be reduced if you have already completed the Oxygen Administration Skill Development course